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TII POWER MATRIX is design with a Long-Term Plan that is sustainable. Some of the sustainability actions we have in place are as follows:

  • Admin has set a solid foundation with members that are given free entries based on a budget that is manageable by Admin - that would keep a smooth flow of members into the system according to Admin financial input to get the foundation members started at no cost. (Note: Most start up businesses do not offer this).
  • Each Member gets an automatic paid entry into the next Matrix that follows - No stalling.
  • There are automatic re-entries into the main matrix system even after you complete the final phase - so it is available till infinity.
  • There are room for expanding our services when ever there is a need to do so - Therefore, we are not limited to one set of Matrices and Advertising Services.


    1. Only use the promotional information provided. Do Not Spam Others. Do not copy or use our entire site pages content or information in any Forums or Groups.

    2. Members are required to pay attention to all updates that are available and take the necessary action that is required. We do not want you to miss out on what is happening on

    3. All Members must assign a beneficiary to their account - Send the full name, address, telephone number, and a photo ID to Admin Using email: with Subject: "Beneficiary Verification - Your Username". This would help Admin know who to pay in the event of illness or death. Our System is long-term so it would continue generating the earnings stated repeatedly on completion of each Phase.

    4. Accounts that are not activated within 48 hours would be deleted by Admin. As soon as you sign up, you must check your email used when you signed up and click on the link provided to activate your account.

    5. To protect our System - there would be a special licensing feature that would be added to this site as soon as the first 1 - 10 members completes Stage 1 to 3. Each Member would get their own License once they complete Stage 3 so don't look at this opportunity as just a $100.00 System but it would be a proven System that Pays Millions. You would not be given any Step by Step information on how to do this - you must go through the System yourself and complete all the Phases to get your license. So you can be a "Mentor" that has proven this system works.

    Note: Many had failed with this type of System - we have studied and designed this system to avoid failures and are fully prepared to fix and handle those hurdles we may encounter that can hinder the success of this System.


    BONUS 1: Ipad, Cell Phone (available after completion of STAGE #2). Note: The funds would be sent to the payment processor that we are able to use to pay you such bonus).

    BONUS 2: Laptop (available after completion of STAGE #3).

    Same method of payment would be used for all Bonuses.


    Withdrawal minimum limit is $83,160.00 and the maximum limit is unlimited. Note: these limits can change according to the progression of the matrices.

    The cut off point would be the 18th of every month and payment would be sent to members on the 04 of every month through Payza. Solid Trust Pay and Coin Payments are alternative options.

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